Oooooooh…. Merry Christmas!

25 12 2016

Cheeky, but I did it.

By the skin of my teeth, today’s Christmas Day somewhat drunken meanderings tweaked me past 26.2 miles by…. 0.02 miles.

It was totally unplanned. I am surprised tonight that I have achieved my 38th marathon-minimum distance week (just) for 2016. It has generally been a much better mobile week than I imagined it might be. Weather and painkillers have helped.

It also opens the prospect of achieving 1500 miles for the year, IF between now and next Saturday I can manage in excess of 22.19 or more miles.

However, tomorrow’s kickstart will depend very much on “hangover recovery”!

This weeks mileage = 5.14 + 3.80 + 4.13 + 3.47 + 5.27 + 1.90 + 2.51 = 26.22

2016 Total to date = 1477.81 miles

Number of marathon-minimum distance weeks in 2016 = 38

Current number of consecutive marathon distance weeks = 2



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