Week 3 For First week

22 01 2017

3 weeks into 2017 and I’ve successfully racked up my first marathon-minimum distance.

Aided by taking part in the Sisters of the Women’s March on Washington here in Cincinnati. 5000 supporters were expected, but it is thought that 12-15,000 actually turned up to hear empassioned speeches about the war on women that Trump and the new administration in threatening to enact. After the speeches there was a vibrant march around the city and the friends I did it with wanted to hang around so there ended up being a whole lot more walking before the afternoon was over.

My foot/leg “kind of” played ball with it all but I was extremely sore when I got home and ice & heat packs became my friend.

I continue to wind down and taper off some of my meds hoping that, long-term, this is the correct decision. My weight remains ‘heavy’ and attempts to start using the gym in our building has been thwarted by the breakdown of the one piece of equipment I know I would use the most; the recumbent bike. Thankfully, I am on the board association so I was able to raise an almost instant vote amongst my fellow board members to approve the purchases of a new (and far better) one. Hopefully it won’t take too long to be delivered?!

Week 1: 23.62 miles
Week 2: 18.59 miles

Week 3: 27.66 miles

Year to date: 69.87 miles

Target for year: 1000 miles, currently 930.13 shy

Number of marathon-minimum distance weeks in 2017: 1




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