No Cigar…

29 01 2017

Two miles shy of my weekly target. Could’ve done better had I got “up and attem” more early mornings than I managed.

My foot/ankle has been better but is still niggly.

Tapered withdrawal symptoms from the Zoloft come and go, on apparently alternate days, making no sense… but then again all the research I did on withdrawal suggested to ‘expect the unexpected’.

The new recumbent bike for our building’s gym has been ordered and is en route

Week 1: 23.62 miles
Week 2: 18.59 miles
Week 3: 27.66 miles
Week 4: 24.35 miles

Year to date: 94.22 miles

Target for year: 1000 miles, currently 905.78 shy

Number of marathon-minimum distance weeks in 2017: 1




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